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RawBox Subscription Box Review – Summer 2017

RawBox Summer 2017 Review

Welcome to my first raw vegan subscription box review!

Just to start us off on an honest note…no one paid me to write this review. I do this on my free time as a hobby, posting about my vegan and raw vegan journey as well as reviewing vegan and raw vegan food items on my IG account (@suddenlyraw) and on this blog. However, I was supplied with this subscription box at not cost to me and with zero promises about what I will or will not say about its contents.

So…without further ado.

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Made In Nature Organic Dried Mangos: 5/5

Nothing like one-ingredient, pre-packaged raw and organic food that you can keep in your car, take to class, or on a plane. I buy dried fruit all the time to take while travelling. These tasted really great, soft and chewy. Yum.


ROO’BAR Chia Coconut: 4/5

Roo bars are the perfect pick-me-up or mid-day snack. The only reason I knock off a point is because they are a little dry as compared to my favourite raw Larabars. But, nonetheless they are delicious and have a small amount of calories (150 per bar).


Wonderfully Raw Organic Brownie Mini Coco-Roons: 5/5

Coco-Roons are the ultimate guilt-free brownie. So happy they were in this RawBox. These are exactly the kind of raw, enzyme-active snack that should be in every one’s diet. I’ve kept these in the fridge for at least two weeks before, and they stay fresh.

Organic Raw “Taste of the Tropics” Trail Mix: 5/5

Can I first say something about the price of this mix? $3.99. Finally, a raw mix with chocolate and coconut and lots of B vitamins for a really, affordable price. Junk food costs more than this these days. Not going to lie though… the dark chocolate coconut chunks in this mix are my fav!


Go Raw, Organic Sprouted Spicy Fiesta Seeds: 4/5

These are a flavourful addition to any salad. I like adding them to cabbage salads, but I’m sure you can add them to just about any savoury salad. They are not actually spicy, though. So, if you want them to be spicier, maybe add some cayenne pepper and toss?

Soul Sprout by Two Moms Organic Sprouted Raw Almond Butter: 4/5

These are really yummy. I tried other flavours and I didn’t like them as much as this one. So many active enzymes in one bite!

Doux Dates Sukkari: 5/5

Dates taste like chewy caramel. Dates that are pre-packaged to take on the go? You really can’t go wrong. There are 3 dates per package. These are great as a post-workout snack.

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Skinny & Co Peppermint Soap: 5/5

Finally. Finally we have a soap that is truly “natural”. I love when I walk into all these popular health and body stores in every mall and the sales associates tell me about how natural their products are. It’s BS. This soap is TRULY natural, made using oils from this earth and safe for your body.

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Oxylent – Multivitamin Supplement Drink: 4/5

I’m not sure why RawBox decided to place this supplement in their box. I’m not saying this supplement of vital vitamins and minerals (800% of your daily b12 needs in ONE packet) is not a good idea to take, but. I don’t know. I feel like if you are raw and vegan and take your b12 pills you probably don’t need a multivitamin like this one. But on the other hand I like that there is one out there that is considered raw & vegan, just in case!

Little Moon Essentials Beach All You Want
: 5/5

Loved this addition to the RawBox. I’m positive I would have never found this company if not via this subscription box. The smell is really relaxing…smells like all those beach sprays you can find everywhere BUT the ingredients are 100% natural and plant-based. To me, this spray is worth the money and I’m down to trying more scents!


Macro Life Naturals Macro Meal Vegan Vanilla: 3/5

Everyone who knows me knows how loyal I am to Garden of Life raw vanilla powder. This new vegan powder doesn’t blend well with water, unlike Garden of Life’s powders. That’s annoying. The taste is…meh. Also…they make non-vegan protein powders. So make sure you are buying the one that is vegan, because the others contain whey (which is a cheap meat protein).


Thanks for reading! Overall, I’m happy with the value for $39.99 a month. Pre-packaged raw foods get very expensive. This is a good price for a load of goodies that are actually good for you.


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