I’m Ania. Or, you probably know me as @suddenlyraw on Instagram.

My name is Polish. I’m Canadian. My parents are Polish immigrants. I live in small town Windsor, Ontario, Canada. For most of you who do not know where that is…don’t fret. Do you know where Detroit is? If so, I’m on the other side of the river from Detroit. Boom, you found me. I recently earned a law degree. I guess we are not here to talk corporate law, mergers, acquisitions…too bad, cause that’s exciting too! Let’s move on to much more colourful topics like, my raw journey and raw vegan food.

I went “suddenly raw” in March of 2016. Before that, I ate meat, dairy, all types of cooked foods. Perogies? Kielbasa? Cabbage rolls? I was literally a meat-eating machine. The documentary called Earthlings changed my world. The last scene haunts me till this very second. I’ll never forget it. I went raw vegan the next day. I’ve been talking about changing the world for about a decade. Little did I know that its actually much easier to change myself than the whole world. So that’s what I did. I changed how I eat. The world will follow.

I’m engaged to the love of my life. He’s not raw. Or vegan. Or even vegetarian. That’s ok. No, I’m serious, this is okay. My best friends are all omnivores. That’s also seriously okay. If you invite your significant other to a vegan resto or ask your bestie to find a raw vegan resto in Toronto, and they take you, eat with you? I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because both my fiance and best friends do try vegan foods with me. Remember, if you want to change anything, always start with yourself. The world will eventually follow. Real change takes time.

I’m not using my IG or this blog to bash every meat-eater on this planet. This is NOT the purpose of my IG or blog – and dare I say, never will be. I’m just here to provide you all with an alternative to eating animal products. This alternative is eating unrefined and unaltered, fresh, locally sourced, fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. I’m salivating already!

You also won’t see photos of me on this blog. Not because I don’t like taking photos. I do. But this is a space is for my raw food creations and is not to serve as my personal Facebook profile. So here’s a rare photo of me and let’s move on to posting more raw food!


Full disclosure: I am not a nutritionist. I’m not a specialist on raw vegan foods. I’m not a chef. I am not qualified in any way, shape or form to be giving nutritional advice. Do fact-check anything and everything I say. I am mostly raw. I do eat cooked vegan foods with friends all the time. Yes, I do supplement with B-12. If you’re vegan, it is my non-professional opinion that you should too. My parents always made me eat fruits and veggies, so I’m just taking their advice to a whole new level with my IG and this blog! All photos on my blog are my own. If you want to use them, email me and I will seriously just respond with “yes, no problem!” I might ask for credit, if you are publishing it somewhere fancy. If you are “reposting” on IG, just add m IG handle in your post. Thank you so much for respecting my amateur work!