<beginning of poop talk>

Bananas are AMAZING for digestion because they act as a prebiotic, stimulating the growth of friendly bacteria in the bowel. Ya, I guess we are having a “poop” talk right now.

In general, bananas help you “go” when you feel constipated, or if you have diarrhea… bananas will help restore lost electrolytes and stop you from “going”.

Bananas are also one of those amazing fruits that come with a natural way to carry them…their skin! As a raw vegan I always have TONS of bananas ready for a pick-me-up at home or when I’m heading out to volunteer at the humane society or when I’m heading out to study. Serious energy booster and it will definitely keep you “regular”.

<end of poop talk>

But hey, you can also get them freeze dried. Amazing way to get all the benefits of bananas when you are travelling (just throw these into your suitcase) or for when you will not have access to fresh bananas. I often get the “Crispy Green” brand, which you can find on Amazon here: