Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are another one of my favourite staples. There is just one thing you need to remember about preparing chia seed pudding:

*3 tablespoons of chia per 1 cup of liquid*

(I might be putting this formula here just so I can refer back to it myself, because although it seems simple, if you don’t make chia seed pudding every day, you WILL forget. If you don’t forget that quick…please teach me your ways!)

You can use ANY type of liquid, by the way. I use water or my homemade almond milk. Yum. Mmmm seriously yum.

I included all the different types of chia seed brands I buy from Amazon below. Honestly, it is hard to tell which raw chia seeds are better than others, other than if they are organic, sustainably produced and ethically sourced, at least in my opinion. Recently, I’ve been buying “Prana” chia seed brand because they are organic but this brand is not available on Amazon from what I can tell. Boo.!