Did you know dates grow on trees? Seriously. Dates are actually the fruit of a palm tree known as the date palm, a flowering plant species in the palm family Arecacea.

Another fun fact…there are over 2000 verieties of dates.

The most common type of date is the medjool date. I don’t think I’ve personally tried any other variety. I know I’d love to try them ALL.

I love opening up a date, taking out the seed, and filling it with a nut butter. And devouring it. My fav nut butter is cashew butter…oh what a treat. Medjool dates taste like caramel. They will sweeten up your smoothies or create your raw vegan cake crust when mixed with nuts and seeds.

The only downfall of dates is the high sugar content, but since it is natural sugar, it is not a big deal. I have about 1-2 dates a week in a normal week. If I found a date farm though… I’d eat 10 or 100.

The only medjool dates I’ve ever bought on Amazon are from the company called Terrasoul, and I loved them. Here is a link: