My favourite juicer is the Omega NC800.

It is a slow juicer and it creates cold press juices. This means that there is no heat involved in extracting the nutrient rich juice from all the fresh fruits and veggies.

This is BY FAR the best juicer I have ever used, for three main reasons:

  1. It juices literally anything and everything. From hard veggies like carrots and beets, to soft leafy greens like spinach and wheatgrass, as well as…drum roll please! Any type of soft fruit like apples, watermelon, and all types of citrus! There is no fruit or veggie this juicer can’t extract juice from.
  2. It is easy to use, move around, and clean. The parts all make sense. You don’t even need the instructions, I promise. Just feed the fruits and veggies and the juicer does the rest. The handle on top of the juicer makes it easy to move around. Cleaning the parts takes me under three minutes!
  3. It is quiet. Now, believe me, when I wake up uber early and decide I want a cold pressed juice, this is not the juicer to make my entire family howl at me to be quiet from upstairs. Huge, huge plus in my books.

Let’s take a better look at it:

FullSizeRender 11.jpg

The juices above are as follows:

  • Green: spinach, rainbow chard, romaine lettuce, celery, ginger
  • Red: watermelon
  • Orange: carrots, ginger, apple, celery
  • Light orange: apple
  • Yellow: orange

It was as easy to juice the greens as it was to juice the carrot or apple juice. Often, juicers masticating juicers like this one require that you interchange the types of soft and hard veggies and fruits you feed into the juicer to keep it from getting overwhelmed with too much juice from soft fruits or too little juice from hard veggies. I use this technique myself, however I rarely needed to. Celery is a great dry veggie that you can run through the feed tube if you have too much juice from oranges, for example. Below is a video of how easily a hard veggie like a carrot just gets pulled in!


Now besides the juicing process being VERY easy and actually pretty fun, the byproduct of the juice, meaning all the left over fibres from juicing comes out pretty dry out the “other end” as you can see below.

P1180743P1180741Please do not throw out the leftover fibres after juicing! They are still super nutritious, and for example, the carrot fibres can be used to make a delicious raw vegan cake as you can see below. If you really can’t use the leftovers, then compost them, the nutrients will be great for the soil in your garden or front yard. Love my juicer, I wouldnt use any other one!

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