Light Box

The day I figured out there are such useful things as light boxes…my food blogging life changed!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made the best raw food of life at about 1:00 am after I’ve had an epiphany about some sort of random fruit and veggie combination. No, seriously, this happens more than you think. But guess what, I just make it for myself, and then eat it all till it’s gone because I can’t take a photo anyways, since there is no natural light that I can rely on to take that great photo you all would enjoy on my IG.

If there’s one thing about bloggers and instagram-ers that I’ve learned it is this…a good photo makes or breaks a post or recipe. I’m in the little business of creating healthy, easy, delicious recipes. So I need great photos to attract all of you guys to try them out!

Anyways. Back to what this post is about. How a cheap light box from Amazon will do the trick. That’s all you need for incredible photos at any time of day. Rainy days won’t be the end of your photos. Nor will snowy days or cloudy days. I’ve only tried out one, but I know it works. I got the “Cofunia” light box, which is around $20 total, comes with a white and black background: