Step App

“There’s an app for that!” Yep. You guessed it! There is now an app that gives you free stuff for counting steps during the day!

Gift cards. Air miles, Gas points. Scene points. The more steps you get, the more points you get for either Aeroplan, Scene, or Petro Points.

Zero gimmicks. Except, well, it’s only available in Canada for now!

The more you WALK or RUN or do ANYTHING that will make you move, you will get points. The app looks like this:

IMG_5738 2

Right now, this app only exists in Canada, and is only available for those in Ontario, BC and Newfoundland. But, they keep talking about expanding!

All you have to do is:

  1. Download the Google Play or  iPhone app on your phone.
  2. Connect the app with your FitBit, Apple Watch, Apple HealthKit or Google Fit. Steps are tracked through your phone using those devices to measure how much you walk, move or run every day.  If you are using your phone to track steps, you’ll have to make sure to carry it with you on your walks or run for your steps to count.
  3. Connect a rewards card. You have the choice of: Scene Points, Petro-Points, Aeroplan Miles or More Rewards.
  4. Earn loyalty points for meeting your personal daily step goals.
  5. Complete healthy offers and be rewarded for making healthy lifestyle choices. Earn points every time!

Oh, and if you want extra 50 points off the bat, use my bonus code “annab2775” when signing up. Full disclosure, I will also get 50 points. That’s it. Enjoy moving around and earning points like I do, every day!

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